A Message from Donna Bell


The Town of Chapel Hill has accomplished a lot this year. I am really proud of our work toward achieving economic development, affordable housing, and sustainable development objectives. I want to remain a member of this visionary team.

I believe strongly that all the principles that have been created by the citizens of Chapel Hill should be used, and have been used, to influence decisions that are made by the Town Council. As we always expected, these priorities do not work in a vacuum. There will always be moments where our principles and objectives will conflict. It is my ability to navigate those conflicts that makes me a strong member of the Chapel Hill Town Council, and I greatly appreciate the support and positive feedback I have received from so many of you. More opportunities and challenges lie ahead, and we still have a lot of work to do.

I have six years of experience where I worked hard to represent the people of Chapel Hill. I want to continue to create a Chapel Hill where there are places for everyone – – but not every place will be for everyone. We are a diverse community with a diverse set of desires and needs. My goal is to meet these needs so that everyone has a place.

Specifically, these are key themes that I will continue to promote as a Council Member:

  • Fiscal responsibility for Town Government
  • Expanded affordable housing opportunities
  • Conservation of the character of existing neighborhoods
  • Increased job creation and economic opportunity
  • Protection of our environment and natural resources
  • Increased transportation and mobility options
  • Inclusive, respectful community culture

I have decided to seek re-election to my seat on the Chapel Hill Town Council because I am excited about the opportunities that are in front of us. I look forward to continuing my work on your behalf to help move our community forward.

Thanks for your past and future support!

Hear more about Donna and her work to create a Chapel Hill for all in this interview with WCHL: